Digital Textbook Development

Production Expertise

Wedu Digital Textbook

Production Expertise
Nine consecutive years of experience has provided us with deep understanding and know-how related to digital textbook development.
Subject Content Expertise
We have gained educational expertise based on the understanding of broad subjects from the 2007 to 2015 revised educational curriculum.
A Wealth of Additional Learning Resources
Developing materials such as multimedia content, assessment tools, and glossaries for enriched supplemented learning; and, in addition to the essential curriculum content, we offer rich educational resources for students.
Linking with External Data
Connecting with various public learning channels such as EDUNET and EBS through a separate platform.
Learning Support and Management
Support the sharing of opinions and study materials within an online community.

WeDu Communications Digital Textbook History

2017: National Institute of Special Education

ㆍ2015 Special Education for digital textbooks and support for digital learning environment based on multimedia
ㆍCustomized teaching-learning content for students with disabilities that can support learning in various educational settings

2016 ~ 2013: Jinju National University of Education: Correction / Development of Digital Textbooks for Elementary Schools

ㆍ2012: made digital textbooks commercially viable in accordance with the revised curriculum
ㆍEstablishment of textbook-based learning environment that enables self-directed learning anywhere and anytime by linking textbooks and digital textbooks that are used as main textbooks in school education

2015: National Digital Textbook revised and supplemented for Elementary Social Studies 3rd, 4th, 5th grade

ㆍImprove the quality of the digital textbooks used for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes

2014 ~ 2015: 5th grade Digital Textbook Content Development Project

ㆍ5th grade 1st and 2nd Semester Textbook Development Progress

2013 ~ 2014: Development of Social Digital Textbook Content by the government for 3rd and 4th graders

ㆍ3rd grade 1st and 2nd Semester / 4th grade 1st and 2nd Semester

2018 ~ 2008: Creator in Digital Textbook business for 11 consecutive years

ㆍDevelopment of contents for social, English and Korean elementary school digital textbooks that reflect the 2007-2015 revised education courses
ㆍEstablishing a textbook-driven learning environment that enables self-directed learning anytime, anywhere by linking book-type textbooks with digital textbooks that are used as the main materials in school education

2012: Unification Ministry of Unification Education Contents Development Service of Digital Unified Textbooks

ㆍSupport effective learning activities to create the correct values for young people on unification preparations and issues