Ryan’s Math Adventure

When the majority of children are asked what they think about math, they often say they think of it as a boring subject that involves too much memorization.

Brand History

“Elementary School Math!? Is there really any way to learn math AND have fun at the same time?"

Many students think math is boring and difficult, and quite often they start to lose interest as they find it hard to connect math with what they see in the real world. As such, a team of passionate math teachers came together to help develop a more fun and meaningful way for students to learn elementary school level math. This book was developed with the following three characteristics in mind.

First, based primarily on Korean mathematics education, known for being one of the top countries in the world in terms of education. We then extracted concepts from elementary math curriculums in China, the United States, and Japan, in order to compare and combine them, creating a math adventure series that covers the general concepts of elementary school math using an international curriculum.

Second, we developed the manuscript while taking into consideration the process, method, and attitude children have toward understanding and utilizing mathematics.

Third, taking into consideration the natural curiosity of students, we wanted to take math concepts and their problem-solving processes, extract them, and insert them into a fantasy story. The research and writing staff went through many adventure concepts and ideas while preparing the manuscript for over three years. Everyone in our team hopes that through this story, students can become excited to learn math alongside Ryan, Aris, and the rest of our main cast of characters.

Character Introduction


Writers and Researchers

Jeongsuk Pang (Korea National University of Education – Math Education Professor) | Sukyoung Kim (Elementary School Teacher)| Inyoung Choi (Elementary School Teacher)|Jin Sunwoo (Elementary School Teacher)|Eunmi Seo (Elementary School Teacher)|Hyejeong Kim (Elementary School Teacher) Jinsook Kim (Elementary School Teacher)|Hanee Lee (Elementary School Teacher)|Yoonyoung Kim (Elementary School Teacher)|Eunkyung Kim (Elementary School Teacher)|Jiyoung Lee (Elementary School Teacher)| Sangmi Lee (Elementary School Teacher)

Content Reviewers

Sanghwa Kim (Elementary School Teacher)|Yookyung Kim (Elementary School Teacher)|Yookyung Jung (Korean International School in Hanoi)|Hyunmi Hwang (Elementary School Teacher)
※Rather than relying solely on the imagination of writers and cartoonists, we have secured the expertise and advice of many domestic and foreign professors, teachers, writers, and cartoonists.

Animation ‘Ryan's Math Adventure’

Ryan's Math Adventure is a fantasy math animation in which young infants and elementary school students can enjoy math..


• Based on the study comic book ‘Ryan’s Math Adventure,’ containing an interesting and solid story.
• A fantasy story incorporated with math that sparks children’s interest and imagination.

Learning Effects

• With the combination of mathematics and animation we are able to portray the enjoyment of learning math.
• The adventure stories help one learn about mathematical problem solving.
• With the close correlation between the comic book and animation, it helps increase learning effectiveness


• Gain confidence when your interest in math increases.
• With the characters, they help students learn how to solve math problems with ease.