Is it possible for children to learn math at their own pace?
The answer is yes! With the global math playground, OLL KIDS/Math.

Learn math using a variety of interesting multimedia content, in a way that fits your learning style. Engage in math learning games that allow kids to dress their avatars, earn badges, and play missions, allowing kids who hate math, feel confident. Additionally, math concepts taught through this service has been made to satisfy the learning standards of Korea, China, and the United States. And thanks to learning analysis and a personalized learning map, children can find out which concepts they are weakest at and receive more content specific to that concept.
Also, parents will be provided with reports regarding their child’s learning patterns and achievements in order for children to learn more systematically!
Raise your children to become global citizens, with this fun approach to learning that they can participate in anywhere, and anytime! Give your children a fun way to complement their math studies,





01.Enjoy a Gamelike Studying Environment
Since OLL KIDS/MATH is learning content targeted toward elementary school students, we have combined various gaming components to increase the level of interest and effectiveness of learning. There are quizzes that can be played like real games, with badges, avatars, and mission-based systems that allow learners to constantly overcome their own records and accumulate point through learning.
02. Self-Paced Learning
OLL KIDS/MATH has subdivided learning content and diversified media type in accordance with the paradigm of future education called personalized learning. Through this, anyone can easily achieve in-depth learning based on a learning structure composed of refined mathematical concepts.
03. Providing the Right Content for Me (Curation Service)
OLL KIDS/MATH is ideal for self-directed, personalized learning, that no longer separated the learning of concepts from activities and situations that can be experienced naturally in our everyday lives. Educational Data Mining (EDM) recommends content that’s optimized for each individuals’ retention level and interests. Additionally, OLL KIDS/MATH maximizes the effectiveness of learning materials by providing each individual learner with content catered to their style of learning derived from data accumulated from other learners.
04. Improve Global Leadership Skills
With the expansion of web-based services, the labor market has become increasingly more global, creating a trend in recent where people are seeking ways to reach world-class competitiveness. OLL/KIDS MATH also offers free communication services for learners around the world, enhancing competitiveness for those students who strive when challenged, helping them realize their unlimited learning potential.
05. Free-Choice Learning Environment
Content on OLL KIDS/MATH is created using standardized HTML 5 and other responsive web technology. This makes it suitable for any device that can access the web including computers, tablets, and smartphones.