Development of a Global Commercialized Service Platform that Provides a Self-Directed Informal Approach for

Learning Elementary-Level Mathematics

Project Duration:

2013.11 ~ 2016.10

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy: Development of a global commercial service platform that provides a self-directed informal approach for learning elementary-level mathematics → Developing learning content and an educational service platform in order to raise interest in academic achievement beyond that which is found in the regular curriculum through the use of complementary educational content (ex. E-books, games, videos, etc.).

  1. Game Development
  2. Korea, China, and U.S. e-book development
  3. Educational Service Platform ( *Currently being renovated


Develop a global Free Choice Informal Learning (FIL) service model and commercialize in at least five countries
Develop technology that can be used to create the next-generation of mathematical FIL content which supports cross-connected multimedia
LCCP development for FIL(Free Choice Informal Learning)

Develop Standards for Learning Analytics Using Educational Content and

Unstructured Data

Project Duration

2014.04 ~ 2017.02

Development of standards for learning analytics using educational content and unstructured data

  1. IMS Standard Documents


Development of a standard learning analysis technology reference model and system requirement standards
Develop a standard system for collecting information generated during learning activities
Develop an open data reference model using the linked data profile standard

Development of a Robot System with a Fault Level Diagnostic System (with over 95% reliability) that Offers Education Assistance and

Training for Children with Autism / ADHD

Project Duration

2014.07 ~ 2018.06

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy: Development of a robot system with a fault level diagnostic system (with over 95% reliability) that offers education assistance and training for children with autism / ADHD Developing an educational robot system that can successfully evaluate, observe, and respond to special needs children, while also helping to improve their cognitive abilities. This would be a convenient and effective tool for teachers in charge of educating students with special needs

  1. A general overview of the child education robot system for children with specials needs
  2. Instructional content will be pre-installed in the robot


Development of a robotics system for children with autism / ADHD
Development of a robotic monitoring system that can respond to children with special needs
Development of a customized robotic system for disability awareness training
Robot design and interactive technology suitable for educating children with special needs

Development of an Educational Content Service that Integrates an Original Virtual and

Augmented Reality experience

Project Duration

2015.03 ~ 2017.02

Development of an educational content service that integrates an original virtual and augmented reality experience → Implementation of a virtualization-based learning space for math and science education, and the development of a service design that allows multiple users to participate in the same virtual environment

  1. Scenario for math content UI


Create a learning system that works within a virtual space
Apply to the educational fields of math and science
Provide a multi-user education service design

Development of Virtual Training Systems and Services for Heavy Equipment and

General Construction Machinery Training

Project Duration

2015.06 ~ 2016.05

Development of virtual training systems and services for heavy equipment and general construction machinery training → Developed an integrated hardware platform that offers extensive training for heavy equipment such as excavators, forklifts, and cranes, all on a single platform. This included the creation of a UX based software design for use in heavy equipment virtual training systems.

  1. Development of a virtual training system for construction equipment and heavy equipment training
  2. Development of a curriculum based on field experience
  3. Development of a curriculum based content manuscript


Create training scenarios and enhanced content based on the real-world knowledge of field experts
Develop a high-performance, low-cost hardware platform
Develop a virtual training system for multipurpose general construction machinery

Development of an Online Learning Evaluation Platform

for a Global Service

Project Duration

2016.04 ~ 2017.07

Development of an online learning evaluation platform for a global service
→ As part of a collaborative project between two small but giant companies one located in Korea (WeDu) and another in Denmark, we were able to create differentiated authentication security functions inspired by our combined research and development efforts.
Development and global market commercializing of a customized test question set “Cloud-Based Digital Assessment Platform - OMAP (Online Massive Assessment Platform)”

  1. OMAP Service Custom Map
  2. Planning for a market-specific approach to OMAP commercialized services


Development of OMAP service technology
Commercial service development for use in three countries

Development of Robotic Technology for Enhancing Emotional Behavioral Stability and Cognitive Function of Patients with

Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia

Project Duration

2016.05 ~ 2020.04
  • [01]Go and see market
  • [02]Put clothes on
  • [03]Give pocket money
  • [04]Cooking
  • [05]Put in meal

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy: Develop robotic technology for enhancing emotional behavioral stability and cognitive function of patients with mild cognitive impairment and dementia → Development of an interactive robot technology capable of offering emotional exchanges that improve emotional stability and the cognitive function of patients with mild cognitive impairment and dementia while creating a state of health prediction and service recommendation system based on a log analysis made to improve quality of life.

  1. Conceptualize a robot technology and service which offers patients with mild cognitive impairment and dementia a customized recommendation system based on a life pattern analysis
  2. Content comes pre-installed on robots


Develop robot technology to enhance the emotional stability and cognitive function of patients with mild cognitive disorder, disability, and dementia.
Develop a log analysis based health prediction and service recommendation system for improving the quality of life for people with mild cognitive disorder and dementia.

Development of an Education Content Distribution/Service Platform Technology that

Includes Multi-Format, Clip-Based, Learning Assets

Project Duration

2016.07 ~ 2017.12

Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning: Development of an education content distribution/service platform technology that includes multi-format, clip-based, learning assets.
→ Global expansion and development of educational content distribution/service platforms with both online and offline content

  1. Develop an edtech-based global education business model
  2. Create a business differentiation and expansion strategy


Create and expand the digital educational content market through B2B (Sales and Market Validation)
Establish a new concept in education distribution services and develop new markets by linking it with B2B (Educational Institutions. Content Distribution, Etc.)
Preempting the global digital education distribution market by finding new business models through B2G (New Market Development) and diversifying domestic and overseas demand.